Lifetime Membership Discount: 10% off total purchase

Contact Overseas Customer Care for discount code,. Lifetime Membership will be verified prior to emailing the code. 


Discount Codes 

Having trouble redeeming a discount code, please type code in comment box and the discount will be given/added at time of tender.

(By doing this you will NOT automatically see the discount untill your order has been physically tender out.)


Only ONE discount code per order, if you have multiple please make a second order or type the second discount code in comment box. The additional discount will be added at time of tender.


Unfortunatly we are not able to retroactively apply discounts codes after the order has been tendered out.  And there is NO issuing of a refund for the difference back to your card, as this is a lengthy process and the  finance department has to be aware of the refund.

If you have forgotten to use a discount code, please feel free to use it on your next purchase. 



Highest Awards Purchases for Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Lady Baden Powell Awards

For these awards, you MUST provide proof of award to purchase.

Submit proof to: Please reference your order number.


*For Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards:

Select  package option  for Girls earning awards from USAGSO...DO NOT Select individual items, the discount code will NOT work with individual items. 

LIST NAME(S) AS THEY SHOULD APPEAR ON THE CERTIFICATE IN THE COMMENT SECTION DURING CHECKOUT* If no names are listed, the certificate will be mailed without names.